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Муфта Шмидта

Муфты со смещением Schmidt обеспечивают переменное параллельное смещение между двумя валами. Они могут адаптироваться к широкому диапазону радиального смещения при работе под нагрузкой.


Schmidt Coupling


Standard S series:
Symbiosis of performance, compact design and generous offset capacity.
Bore diameter up to 80mm.
Torque 44 — 2.875Nm.

Power Plus P series:
More Torque transmission while retaining compact design.
Bore diameter up to 95mm.
Torque — 44 — 6.610Nm.
Offset Plus V series:

Extreme parallel shaft offset while retaining compact design.
Bore diameter up to 80mm.
Torque — 44 — 3.830Nm.

Smooth Flow of Power


Schmidt Coupling

Schmidt Offset Shaft Couplings offer great flexibility in shaft displacement while maintaining undisturbed power transmission at constant angular velocity.

The Offset Couplings provide a smooth flow of power for maximum product quality. And, unlike universal joints, there is no performance loss by increasing shaft offset.

Offset can be changed during operation
The radial offset is arbitrarily and continuously variable during operation and under load within the respective permissible Ausschwenkbereiches. The synchronization of input and output is always guaranteed.

Precise and compact
The clutch works with three discs and two link levels. This ensures compactness and a torsionally rigid work.
The additional use of precision needle bearings in the coupling links ensures precise torque transmission.

Reaction forces free
Shaft misalignments compensates for the Schmidt clutch without restoring forces and thus without bearing loads.

Dynamically balanced
The Schmidt clutch is a dynamically balanced system. Radial vibrations are absorbed by the coupling.

Standard S series

Power Plus P series


Offset Plus V series

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