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Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Zero-Max A/S is keen to define & deliver high quality products and services to target customers: Must correctly identify the customers’ needs and requirements and communicate this to our product designers.

When choosing the right components for a transmission solution, it is important that you keep quality in mind. Zero-Max has developed a unique know-how about the quality required when the transmission for example involves:

  • High-speed - from drilling machines and turbine generators
  • Large torque from long and heavy conveyor or MW size wind turbines
  • Special start-up clutches in pumping stations
  • Special material requirements for ships e.g. icebreakers
  • Requirements for electrical insulation from e.g. wind turbines and shipbuilding industry
  • Requirements for sustainability from e.g. mining industry

At Zero-Max we use several tools to ensure the quality that a customer requires. In the past more than 35 years, where we have delivered customized transmission solutions to many different parts of the business, we have developed professional competencies, that ensure the quality of the work we do, both in terms of the physical product but also in the decisions we are involved in together with our customers.

As part of our processing of the products being outsourced to subcontractors in order to optimize processes, we have also developed a range of tools to ensure efficient management of the quality of this work. Therefore we offer our customers traceability back to batch numbers of raw material, and documenting the processes that it may be desired from customers in the production, regarding geometric dependencies, performance, and balancing.

We have together with our qualified subcontractors formed a strategy that makes them, take ownership of their part of the quality, and supply documentation with the product for further use in the process. This is done to ensure that we do not spend resources on double-checking, rather than creating quality. This can only be done because we have built longstanding relationships with our key suppliers.

Knowledge built around quality

The knowledge we have built around quality, we also used to find a range of standard products, that we trust and therefore have implemented them in our product range, because some parts of the business do not need the same degree of documentation as others do. In that part of the product range, our main quality inputs is, -that we use our experience to ensure the customer receives the quality needed, and that we with our experience can ensure that the product can perform the work as may be necessary.To ensure full focus on quality we, as well as being ISO9001 certified has chosen to carry out internal audits.

This process is controlled by an independent consultant and this extraordinary process of development and - checks are conducted 4 times annually. For each internal audit a report are compiled to evaluate the areas that has been audited for example deviations, improvements and responsibility.

Engineering and testing departments

From an economic aspect, there will only in a deviation situations be implemented a 100% inspection, that automatically will be reduced as the error rate again is within our requirements. It is therefore important to us that a part of our quality will be added in the work to assess the customer needs for inspection and documentation. For this purpose we in role resources of engineering and testing departments from our mother company in Japan as well as our sister company in the U.S.

It is important for Zero-Max´ quality, that we make the effort to have a clear communication with our customers, suppliers and 3'de party experts. With Zero-Max, we believe that it is one of our core competencies.

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