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History about ZERO-MAX

ZERO-MAX A/S is a part of Miki Pulley group, which is a strong partner for mechanical engineering throughout the world. We deal with resolving all forms of transmission tasks and makes solutions through the Group's own products as well as our cooperation partners. ZERO-MAX A/S is located in Hårup close to Silkeborg, where the company's talented and knowledgeable employees are sitting. Here are all working in accordance with the Group's joint approach to serving our partners with sustainable solutions. Companies in the group are working closely together to create customized solutions and to exploit both the knowledge and capacity for the benefit of our customers.ZERO-MAX products are used as retro-fit solutions into existing solutions. But given the great flexibility advantageously used for new development, which we also like to participate in with our competencies within transmissions.

ZERO-MAX delivers solutions in several branches of transmission tasks. Our competence lies mainly within the flexible couplings, gearboxes, brakes, cardan shafts, ball joints, universal joints, differential elements, torque limiter and materials for vibration damping.

History behind Zero-Max Inc.

It all began in 1949, when Minnesota inventor Sterling Stageberg designed a unique mechanical variable speed transmission drive. Stageberg's design varied the output speed from a constant input from zero to maximum. Initially, it was used on automotive windshield wipers and became an instant success. The product filled an important industry need at the time, which helped launch the company. It also provided the idea for the ZERO-MAX brand, a name carried on all of today's ZERO-MAX products sold throughout the world.

Mile stones in general


ZERO-MAX Inc. responds to worldwide interest in the Variable Speed Drive by developing an organization of power transmission distributors. Today, that distributor network - both in the United States and throughout the world - is one of the most respected in the industry.

1950’s thru 1960’s

ZERO-MAX Inc.steadily grows as a national and international manufacturer. It expands the variable speed drive concept into a full line of models and sizes to meet the many needs of many different kinds of applications.


Miki Pulley starts up collaboration with ZERO-MAX Corp. about mechanical variable speed transmission drive.


Miki Pulley starts up collaboration with ZERO-MAX Corp. about mechanical variable speed transmission drive.


ZERO-MAX Inc. enters the coupling business by acquiring Schmidt Couplings of Cincinnati, OH.


Zero-Max forms a partnership with a European manufacturer to market the ETP line of keyless shaft mount bushings, another unique product line that solves difficult power transmission requirements.


The "CD" Composite Disc coupling is designed and introduced by ZERO-MAX Inc. This patented design revolutionizes many power transmission applications because of its ability to solve very difficult operating requirements.


ZERO-MAX acquires Helland Research and Engineering. The acquisition provides ZERO-MAX with torque limiter, overhung load adaptor and other power transmission product lines.


To meet continued growth, ZERO-MAX Inc. occupies an all new and greatly expanded manufacturing facility in west suburban Minneapolis.


ZERO-MAX Inc. begins to supply CD Couplings to several European wind turbine manufacturers thru Indutrans A/S, Denmark as an established distributor partner.


ZERO-MAX Inc. acquires "Indutrans A/S" of Silkeborg, Denmark and establishes ZERO-MAX A/S. ZERO-MAX A/S (Indutrans A/S) was founded in 1977, the company has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of mechanical transmission within the industry of machine builders, buses, trucks and wind. ZERO-MAX received the ISO 9001:2000 Certification back in 1994.

March 2008

ZERO-MAX Inc. receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

October 2008

As a result of continued growth ZERO-MAX starts construction to increase it’s manufacturing space by 50%.

End 2008

ZERO-MAX A/S becomes European Center for distribution and production of both Miki Pulley and ZERO-MAXs own products and start building a network of distributors throughout Europe. A work that still continues, because it is a goal to be represented in all European countries.

October 2009

As a result of continued growth in the wind business ZERO-MAX A/S move in to an all new building with highly modern facilities for developing, test and production of mechanical power transmission products.

Medio 2009

Based on the long business relations and the key competences within the wind business and the technical knowhow within mechanical transmission, we expanded the ZERO-MAX group by a new subsidiary in China (Tianjin) to serve the Chinese wind Industry with our high quality products.

Milestones within the Wind Industry

ZERO-MAX becomes via Industrans A/S, an integrated development partner to the "root" of the wind industry in Denmark back in 1984, when the first commercial wind turbines were developed for series production.

The output capacity was at that time 22 kW and the nominal output was doubled each time a new turbine was introduced, soon the need for better brakes and better drive line couplings was obvious.


First couplings supplied for 55 KW WTG.


First Rotor-Brakes supplied.


Introduction of Composite CD® coupling.


Introduction of the Mrk. 1 Torque Limiter.


Zero-Max Inc. acquires Indutrans and establish ZERO-MAX A/S.


Introduction of ZM multi operation Torque Limiter.

Wind turbine couplings

Zero-Max wind turbine couplings provide the solution.
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